LCH will be seeking accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED/SACS.

What does this mean? 
Accreditation means:
Your (your students') credits will transfer!
Accountability is maintained and evident, not just in the academics, but also in regards to the spiritual foundation of a LCH education!
Continuous improvement is present and demonstrated!

Who are ACSI and AdvancED/SACS?
ACSI is a Protestant, interdenominational accrediting agency with 3,000 member schools in the United States and over 20,000 member schools internationally. Accreditation through ACSI will not only evaluate and validate the academic side of our education, but it will evaluate and validate the spiritual side of our education and institution.
AdvancED/SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) is an organization that advances education excellence through accreditation and school improvement. ASCI now has a partnership that allows for dual accreditation with AdvancED/SACS!

Why ACSI and AdvancED/SACS?
The Virginia Board of Education has authorized the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE) to accredit secondary schools. (ยง22.1-19) Both ACSI and AdvancED/SACS are recognized accrediting members of VCPE.